CSI holy redeemer

CSI holy redeemer church edayarpalayam coimbatore involved in sale of land for 20 years.This church also cheated a widow womens 70000 rupees along with his committee member fraud sivarajan and his wife Julie sivarajan.This church and it’s committee member sivarajan cheated a widow women’s money and this church also make sivarajan to escape from police even there is a evidence that sivarajan and Julie is a liar and fraud. Kindly avoid these types of real estate church and save your money from frauds.CSI holy Redeemer church edayarpalayam, coimbatore Secretary:MULUMATHI:9443170674, Treasurer:Dr.Issac Christian Moses:9443043211, Pastor:David Suresh:9443656551.ஏன் சிவராஜன் ஆலயத்தில் பொய்யும்,ஜூலி கடிதத்தில் ஒன்றுமாக பொய் கூறியும் கூட இந்த அலய நிர்வாகம் 70000 திருடனை தப்ப வைத்தது.